THE INDEPENDENT – editorial campaigns

Branding, editorial design

Since starting at The Independent, I have created the visuals for high profile editorial campaigns such as the Final Say campaign, endorsed by over 1.2 million people as well as many prominent political figures.

I have also constructed covers for The Daily Edition, on topics such as Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office and our journalistic review of the year.

Below are a just a few examples of these pieces.


The Independent’s Final Say

Alongside the Editor of The Independent, we created the logo which featured as the flagship visual for a campaign that helped fuel the public’s demand for a second referendum after the explosive 2016 Brexit campaign.

This logo was worn at the people’s vote rally and the campaign itself was endorsed by Chuka Umunna, Tony Blair and Alistair Campbell as well as many other high profile public figures.


Trump Week

Created a 5-part series to review the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency.


Review of the Year 2018

A series of three covers for a series reviewing 2018’s biggest news stories. This series had two extra preview parts, looking ahead to 2019 at some of the stories we anticipated running.


Review of the Year 2017

A series of three covers for a series reviewing 2017’s biggest news stories


Print advertisement

I am responsible for the design and upkeep of print ads for The Independent, published every week in the Evening Standard. I created these two ads alongside our CDO and to specs provided by designers at the Evening Standard.

The aim was to promote The Independent Daily Edition without using the stereotypical ‘pack shot’ style layout of PC, tablet and phone layouts, whilst still retaining the important information displayed on those devices.