Branding, creative direction, strategy, UI Design, videography

Software used: Sketch, Adobe CC, Principle

I was approached by members of senior editorial staff to create the visuals for a brand new luxury lifestyle platform for the Evening StandardInsider.

Over the course of six months, I created the entire brand from the ground up, designing the logo, UX & UI of the site, as well as the image processing technique seen across the all website, social and print products.



Role: Lead designer and creative director

  • Designed entire site and brand

  • Created image processing concept based on a content-leading-colour approach

  • Worked alongside senior stakeholders to help shape and direct the site structure and content

  • Created logo, based on my own handwriting

  • Communicated using HTML and CSS terminology alongside developers to ensure they understood requirements for the designs during the building phase

  • Designed look and feel of social content and trained and supervised social media team in the execution of it

  • Directed video team’s creation of Insider content, creating animated prototypes to communicate clearly in terms of timing, speed and typographic hierarchy

Project length: Six months